What the Raging Bitch Beer Taught Me…


I opened the refrigerator and noticed my husband’s beer staring me down. It was a Raging Bitch.  No, that’s actually the beer’s name. It was like a mirror reflection of how I’ve been feeling. I’m PMS’ing and it is getting the best of me. Since turning 41 my periods have been out of control. Is it just me or does any other women on this planet suffer from PMS like this? One minute I want to pluck someones head off and throw it over the Queensboro bridge to let the fish nibble at its eyeballs  and the next I am doing the ugly cry face on my bathroom floor. WTF is happening to me?

I’ve been on my personal growth and development path for about 10 years and I have an arsenal of tools to get me through this. I got this and I know it all starts within. I have the power to change and it starts with my vibe, my energy and how I am showing up for myself and the world. Current vibe status is hitting the dangerously low point during the raging bitch  period. Now, this is ok. I am not saying to stuff those feelings down. It’s totally cool to feel what you are feeling whether its sad, mad, fearful, pissed, outraged or depressed. You must feel these feeling to move from them. Yet at this point I was done with the raging bitch and wanted to change. Know this, you have the power to change at any moment and a sweet place to start is with your thoughts.

These thoughts will change your vibe, your energy and how you show up for yourself and the world. So I begin to change my thoughts and align them with how I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel happier and definitely lighter (both mentally and physically because girrrrllll I was bloated) so what thoughts would make me feel this way…FUN thoughts for Pete sake (by the way, who’s Pete)? This may sound super simple yet I learned that things in life do not always have to be so hard.

So what is fun for you? What brings you a smile and a hearty laugh out loud. For me, at this second, what made me smile was knowing that I the power to change and I can make it happen right here right now. So I smiled. That lead to a thought – what other tools do I have in my arsenal and there she was rearing her game changing head… GRATITUDE. So I challenged myself. What am I grateful for now and at that moment I thought my limbs, which quickly turned to what an asshole I am, to a small chuckle. Then to my car getting me safely to work, then to my great hair day which lead to my husband helping me with the morning routine to get my daughter to school giving me more time for self care then to my little one giving me a kiss good bye. I didn’t judge. I just let it flow out and it evolved. Am I grateful for my limbs and on point hair days – absolfreakinlutely, no judgement here! See, as my thoughts began to changed so was my vibration level.

Bottom line ladies…life doesn’t always have to be so hard. You are more powerful than you think. Have some freakin’ fun and find something you are grateful for every single day!

With courage, grace and lady balls,