Happy 79th Birthday to my dead dad!


You would have turned 79 today. It has been over 6 1/2 years since you have passed and as many people think that days like this, or Christmas, or the birth of Sophie, or life celebrations would be the hardest days…it’s not. It’s the random Tuesday that my car inspection is overdue and you would have called to remind me. It’s the nights sitting on the couch and Indiana Jones comes on TV or knowing you’re watching the Yankees for the slight chance to see me in the bleachers. It’s the Sunday mornings you brought us fresh, hot bagels and we ate together on the porch. It’s you watching the train doors close before leaving the station and telling me to give you two rings when I get home. It’s every time I hear a horse race or Yolanda Vega call those lotto numbers…I think of you! In your death, you gave me life. A whole new life. A new perspective. A new sense of faith, compassion and an immense gratitude for showing me what unconditional love is for your children. It may sound strange, yet I know more of you not being here then certain days you were here. Our relationship continues to thrive, flourish and breed love.


With courage, grace and lady balls,