Getting Over My Own BS With A Helping Hand From Elizabeth Gilbert


A bad-ass in her own right – Elizabeth Gilbert had me at Eat! I’ve only read 4 books cover to cover and Eat Pray Love (get it here: was one of them. Its like my bible. Needless to say I have been an avid fan a.k.a obsessed with her words, experiences and insight so when I saw this on my FB post I screamed. This chick is in my head…That is totally me.

Picture this: Circa 2004. 41st and 5th Avenue, NYC cubby office with my work husband and wife. It was another morning I arrived all hung over yet on the outside still pulled together telling the same story of me and my toxic relationship. Same old script that included we drank, drank a lot, we fought, fought a lot over the lack of money he had to put towards a ring, not working towards our future to get married, his lack of ambition, his lack of commitment towards us and so on and so on. Until this particular morning, I remember looking at my friend Ali and thinking aren’t you so freaking bored of my story. I was bored telling it. I was bored living it and I was damn sure bored of being that kind of girl. Right there and then I was ready for a change. Yet, I needed that time to move through this relationship and I am so grateful for my BFF Ali. She listened with such compassion, grace and pure kindness because she wanted me to see it for myself. In many ways she saved me. And to this day she is still listening to my stories yet I am in-tune with the bullshit. Sure, I still got some yet now I am quick to see it, acknowledge it and begin to make the changes to move on from it.  Big shout out to Ali!!! 

With courage, grace and lady balls,