With courage, grace and lady balls…

This is Jackie


You’re fun, quick-witted and have one of those infectious laughs that everyone in earshot just loves (and let’s be real envies.)

You are smart, sassy and savvy. You have a good job, awesome friends, a killer wardrobe, a cozy apartment, a special four-legged friend and you are free to travel.

To the world, you, Miss Independent has it going on.

This is all good…but there is a tiny little kinda big problem.

You sometimes feel like an imposter in your own life.

You sometimes sneak a peak and venture into the X-files. You google an old flame, find pictures of him, his wife and their 2.5 kids or even worse, he took another road partying it up in Abiza with a bevy of scantily clad, well-endowed bronzed beauties. Either scenario, you feel embarrassed, kinda dumb and disappointed, so you quickly X out, delete history and shut down.

You want to feel confident, self-acceptance, worthy of love, freedom and banging in your own skin.

Yet, you have no idea where to begin.


As the name so cleverly implies, I’m an NYU Certified Life Coach and I am committed to helping woman untangle the worry, fear, and hopelessness around (love) life and achieve ridiculous happiness in their hearts (including helping you feel like you are a flippin rock star in your own skin without make-up, your hair freshly done, a mani/pedi and prince charming on your arm, P.S. that’s a tall order and is totally possible.)

I do this through a no-nonsense, warm not fuzzy, tough love approach that combines accountability, goal setting, and hard-hitting questions.

You know those really tough questions; the ones that make you super uncomfortable and start squirming in your seat. The ones you may not want to answer and give me dirty looks over or even the finger (just kidding but I guarantee it may cross your mind.)

These uncomfortable moments are the best because it is when true change starts to happen. The infamous “ah-ha” or as I say “holy sh*t” blurts from your mouth and just then, a major shift has happened that will take you on a new voyage with boatloads of positive change.

Bottom Line

You get shit done.

You get results.

You get happy.

You feel freakin crazy great in your own skin. You get clear on what you want, how it makes you feel and what to do to get it.

You love life, point blank period.

Why I do it?

Because years ago, I WAS YOU. Deep down, I knew I was worth true love and I deserved my own fairy tale versioned relationship with a man to walk through life with, who makes me laugh, stands by my side and gives me butterflies just by holding my hand.

But I had no idea what a heart-pounding, joy-filled, loving relationship looked like, felt like or if it even existed. (PS with myself first and foremost)

(For the record, I knew for sure love was not supposed to hurt and it didn’t look like a 30 year old woman sitting in her parents living room by herself on New Years Eve watching Dick Clark. I was pretty sure it didn’t feel like utter embarrassment being stood up, crying and texting your so-called-boyfriend a billion times at the stroke of midnight. I was pretty damn sure this was not love.)

Years ago, I was Jackie, the independent woman who mistakenly thought “a healthy happy relationship” meant kanoodling with the bad boy. You know him. The good-looking broke ass guy sporting the tight butt, warm smile, great dance moves and abundance of swag convincing you how you’re the only one. Yeah that guy.

And I was frequently a hot mess. One to many morning scavenger hunts looking for my purse, bank card and cell phone to see where I was last and who I drunk texted… who, by the way, looked all put together from the outside (great job, NYC apt, personal trainer, tons of friends and a great handbag collection), yet I had absolutely no idea how to feel and be in a loving relationship not only with a man, more importantly with myself.

Then one day, I HAD ENOUGH and learned three things:

  1. I am worth so much more

  2. I have the power to change

  3. The most important relationship starts with me

What you believe changes everything.

And so I dropped him. Dropped the shitty beliefs. Dropped being the victim. Dropped the independence and dropped that crazy beotch in my head off at the bus stop destination madness.

Instead, I dedicated my time to delving deeper into me and my relationships. I sought out help. Got a life coach (shout out to Anna Goldstein at http://www.selfinthecity.com), got a good set of balls and decided to go big or go home.

  1. I read self-help books, journal daily, started meditating, got another coach (yes, that makes two) and honed in on the best strategies that worked for me.

  2. I learned that independence is overrated and interdependence is where it’s at.

  3. I learned that being truly authentic and in-line with my values and core beliefs without judgment makes me really very happy.

  4. I learned that I have an abundance of choices and once I get out of my own way they will appear.

  5. I learned to believe in the divine.

  6. I learned that true love does exist.

And now I show incredible women how to do their own version of what I’ve done. Sharing the tools, experiences and education so you too can be very very happy with yourself and in love. There are many, many, ways to live happily ever after.

I guide woman like you to that exact spot you’re dreaming about.

I help you get real results – the kind that make you swoon, maybe do a little dance, skip down Broadway or uncontrollably smile just because you are that happy. The kind that make people darn near forget your incredible laugh, because they’re so busy wondering if your drinking the Kool-Aide and where they can get some, asap.


You are beautiful inside and out.

You are courageous. You are strong.

You are brilliant.

I know this to be true – DO YOU?

With courage, grace and lady balls,



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